VirtualQube and Stratus

Stratus everRun® MX: For the Windows application that absolutely, positively, CANNOT go down.

What's better than high availability? Fault tolerance! And the Stratus everRun product line sets a new standard of availability for Windows applications. Stratus everRun MX (formerly Marathon Technologies) lets you compute through a failure instead of interrupting service while a service fails over or a server re-boots.

What Is Your Most Critical Application?

Do you have a Windows application that is so mission-critical that it absolutely, positively cannot go down? Server virtualization brings some nice high-availability features, but, typically, if a virtualization host fails, the application is still down for however long it takes to reboot the critical virtual system on a surviving virtualization host. But what if that's not good enough? And it may not be good enough for:
  • A video surveillance system where you can't afford to lose several minutes of video frames.
  • A building access system (e.g., for a major airport) where you can't afford to have any interruption in the software that controls access to secured areas.
  • A process automation system where an interruption in the integrity of a product line could result in not only lost time and productivity while the line is cleaned out and restarted, but could also result in the loss of thousands of dollars worth of raw material.
Or perhaps in your business, you have a critical SQL Server that has to be on-line all the time, or maybe email is so important to your business that you can't afford to have your Exchange server drop even a single message.

Whatever that application is, if you simply cannot afford for it to be offline, even for the time it takes to reboot it, you need to protect it with the Stratus everRun MX.

The patented everRun technology runs on top of an OEM version of the Citrix XenServer hypervisor (included). It allows you to protect a virtual machine from one XenServer virtualization host to another. For "Level 3" protection (the highest level of protection available), the protection wizard will create an exact copy of your protected virtual machine ("PVM") on the second server, which will be kept in perfect lockstep with the original. RAM is also kept in synch, and if you don't have a storage area network (SAN) available, you can use local storage in your two servers, and everRun MX will keep the storage synchronized as well. The everRun MX product is the only solution available today that can provide this kind of lockstep execution for workloads that require more than a single virtual CPU. Your PVM doesn't just fail over to the other host, it computes through any failure up to and including a complete failure of an entire virtual host.

And you can have up to four everRun MX hosts in an availability pool, and protect a workload that's running on any one of the hosts to any other one of the hosts.

Add the Split-Site option, and you can separate the hosts in a two-host pool for further reliability, or, with everRun MX Extend, you can provide asynchronous replication to a third physical or virtual host in a remote location for the ultimate in Disaster Recovery protection.

For more information on how everRun MX can keep your applications running, check out this 15-minute video:

everRun MX Training from VirtualQube

VirtualQube is pleased to have been chosen to deliver the everRun MX certification training course. The course runs two days, and is delivered virtually using Citrix's GoToTraining collaboration platform. Classes can also be scheduled as required at a customer facility. For more information, please visit our Stratus training page.