Man On Cloud

Complete turnkey hosted private cloud solutions configured to host your data and applications in our enterprise-class data center - accessible from anywhere.
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Our enterprise private cloud solutions are for organizations that require the highest levels of performance, regulatory compliance, and security.
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Cloud Desktop

These virtual desktops are hosted and delivered from a secure server via Microsoft Remote Desktop Services and Citrix XenApp, with a Windows 7 "look and feel."
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Disaster Infographic
Business Continuity

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity planning go hand in hand. VirtualQube can help you with a plan to survive a catastrope and keep your business running.
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Hosted Private Cloud Solutions

We offer complete hosted private cloud solutions engineered to augment or replace your in-house servers and server software. Our cloud solutions are completely secure and carefully designed to meet your specific requirements, while seamlessly integrating with your work style.

For many of our clients, our cloud solutions have completely eliminated the need for on-premise servers, the capital expense of replacing them every few years, the complexity of keeping them running and up-to-date, and the expense when they break - as well as the immensely frustrating lost productivity associated with server down-time.

For other clients, our cloud solutions extend their on-premise infrastructure - providing specific services, enabling mobility and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) computing, and/or providing a higher level of business continuity for critical systems.

Don't be fooled by the many hosted cloud "solutions" that are really only partial solutions (hosted email, cloud storage of some kind, or individual virtual servers). The VirtualQube team will make sure you gt a comprehensive solution so you are not exposed in any area.

VirtualQube hosted private cloud solutions are designed and built in accordance with the best practice recommendations for Citrix Service Providers, and incorporate everything our team has learned from nearly 20 years of experience designing, implementing, and supporting Citrix and Microsoft infrastructure for some of the largest enterprises in the Pacific Northwest.

We offer Microsoft and Citrix licensing bundled into your solution so your business is always compliant and up-to-date. Our solutions include numerous services such as email archiving, email encryption, and cloud-based backups. VirtualQube solutions can even be integrated with other third-party cloud services if needed.

With VirtualQube solutions, businesses of all sizes can benefit from technology that, only a few short years ago, was affordable only for larger organizations with significant IT budgets and highly-skilled in-house IT staff members. Call us today at (425) 939-2700 for an informal conversation about your needs.

Secure by Design

Our Cloud solutions are built from the ground up to be as secure as we can make them. But remember, security is more than just having a good firewall. It's also important to know what kinds of traffic are flowing in and out of your network. And, depending on the nature of your business, you may be required by law to not only know what's flowing in and out, but to track it, block objectionable or unwanted traffic, and archive your email. Even if you're not dealing with legal requirements, being able to produce a critical piece of email could make the difference in a critical piece of litigation.

These days, most malware spreads, not by some kind of virus attached to an email message, but through "social engineering" - enticing your users to click a link to a Web site that will attempt to install malware, or to "install a codec" in order to watch a video. And the link may not come in via email at all - it may result from employees following a link on a social media site from their business computers.

That's why we use WatchGuard XTMv security appliances to secure our cloud infrastructure, and recommend them for your office locations as well. WatchGuard appliances are application-aware, so you can prevent employees from using business systems to access social media sites.

We use Citrix NetScaler appliances to terminate the SSL/VPN connections into our cloud from the public Internet, and use 256-bit encryption keys - the same level of encryption that protects you when you log onto your bank's online banking site.

Our hosted Exchange email comes with unlimited Mimecast archiving, and that archive is searchable by sender, subject, attachment type, and keyword. You'll never again have to worry about deleting an email message that you suddenly need to produce later. And, with the optional compliance archiving feature, you can grant a compliance officer the ability to search globally across the mailbox archives of all of your employees, and tag and save searches for later retrieval.

We take the security of your data seriously!


Security and regulatory compliance go hand in hand. Our hosting infrastructure meets the physical requirements for both PCI and HIPAA. But you also need to keep in mind that regulatory complaince is also highly dependent on the behavior of your users. Having the most secure physical infrastructure in the world won't help you if one of your users walks away from a client device without locking it, thereby exposing confidential information to someone who should not have access to it, or sends confidential information to a printer that's in an insecure area. Our consultants can help you formulate a security policy to keep your users' behavior within the boundaries necessary to maintain compliance.


If your cloud solution doesn't perform at least as well as a local desktop PC, unhappy users can jeopardize the entire project. Our cloud infrastructure leverages the Citrix HDX technology to maintain the best possible performance even over slow connections or connections with high latency. And, because we realize that it is not always possible to throw more bandwidth at a connectivity problem, our solutions can optionally include the Citrix CloudBridge optimization and acceleration technology.