VQOfficeTM Hosted Private Cloud

A VQOfficeTM Hosted Private Cloud is built on our secure multi-tenant infrastructure. This infrastructure, which conforms to the Citrix recommended best practices for Citrix Service Providers, offers the best balance between security and cost.

With VQOffice, your organization is able to leverage our multi-tenant Microsoft Active Directory, Exchange, and SharePoint infrastructure, while other servers - such as file servers, database servers, and the Remote Desktop / XenApp servers that deliver your virtual desktops and execute your applications - are unique and dedicated to your organization. These servers are isolated on their own vLAN segment to separate them from any other customer's dedicated resources.

Your VQOffice environment can be accessed securely from any place where Internet connectivity is available. All connections are SSL-encrypted and secured using Citrix NetScalers as the SSL secure gateway devices. You gain instant mobility for your employees, and, because you can access your VQOffice environment from any client device that supports the Citrix Receiver client - PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads, Android tablets and smart phones, thin-client terminals, etc. - you can immediately implement a "BYOD" (Bring Your Own Device) program to allow your employees to use the client device(s) of their choosing.

All of your servers, and all of your data, are replicated to an alternate data center, so you also gain an instant Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity plan: You can sleep well knowing that if fire, flood, or other disaster affects your office, your data is still safe. Even in the remote chance that such an event affects our primary data center, your data is still safe, and will be accessible in our alternate data center.