VQEnterpriseTM Hosted Private Cloud

A VQEnterpriseTM Hosted Private Cloud is a completely isolated computing environment customized just for your organization. This requires more Cloud resources, but offers the ultimate in security and flexibility.

With VQEnterprise, your organization has its own Active Directory and Domain Controllers. You may have your own dedicated Exchange server, or you may choose to still have your email hosted on our multi-tenant Exchange server.

Your dedicated servers are isolated on their own vLAN segment to separate them from any other customer's dedicated resources, and are secured behind your own dedicated firewall instance.

With a VQEnterprise Hosted Private Cloud, you have the flexibility to support permanent VPN connections directly from your office location(s) into your Hosted Private Cloud infrastructure. If need be, you can retain on-site servers for specific requirements, and have the data on those servers automatically synchronized with a Cloud data repository. This allows us to support needs such as:
  • High volume scanners, which can scan documents to a repository on a local server, and replicate those documents to your Cloud storage after office hours so the scanning activity does not compete for bandwidth with users who need to access their Cloud desktops.
  • Local Domain Controllers, which can provide local authentication for PC users within an office location.
  • "Zero Client" devices, such as the Dell/Wyse Xenith, which require a local server to provide configuration information at boot time, and to act as a print server for client printing.
Your VQEnterprise environment can also be accessed securely from any place where Internet connectivity is available. All connections are SSL-encrypted and secured with your own dedicated Citrix NetScaler instance as the SSL secure gateway device. You gain instant mobility for your employees, and, because you can access your VQEnterprise environment from any client device that supports the Citrix Receiver client - PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads, Android tablets and smart phones, thin-client terminals, etc. - you can immediately implement a "BYOD" (Bring Your Own Device) program to allow your employees to use the client device(s) of their choosing.

All of your servers, and all of your data, are replicated to an alternate data center, so you also gain an instant Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity plan: You can sleep well knowing that if fire, flood, or other disaster affects your office, your data is still safe. Even in the remote chance that such an event affects our primary data center, your data is still safe, and will be accessible in our alternate data center.