VQDeskTM Hosted Virtual Desktops

If all you need are a few virtual desktops that you can access from anywhere, with the Microsoft Office suite and a little bit of Cloud storage, our VQDeskTM may be just the thing for you.

Your VQDesk Hosted Virtual Desktop is powered by Microsoft Remote Desktop Services and Citrix XenApp, for the best possible performance no matter where you are. Although your virtual desktop is running on a shared server Operating System, it still has the familiar Windows 7 "look and feel." Your virtual desktop can be accessed securely from any place where Internet connectivity is available. All connections are SSL-encrypted and secured using Citrix NetScalers as the SSL secure gateway devices. You can access your VQDesk from any client device that supports the Citrix Receiver client - PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads, Android tablets and smart phones, thin-client terminals, etc.

All of your data is replicated to an alternate data center, so you also gain an instant Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity plan: You can sleep well knowing that if fire, flood, or other disaster affects your office, your data is still safe. Even in the remote chance that such an event affects our primary data center, your data is still safe, and will be accessible in our alternate data center.