QuickBooks Hosting

Key Features:

  • Highly scalable platform that grows as needed
  • Highly available systems with geo-redundant failover capability
  • Secure 7x24 access
  • PCI and SOX compliant solutions
  • Data migration services available
  • Easily add cloud hosted desktops you can access from any authorized desktop, laptop, Mac, iPad, or Android tablet
As an Authorized Standard Hosting Provider for Intuit, VirtualQube can host your QuickBooks application and data as part of your cloud-hosted desktop solution. By running your applications on our powerful cloud servers, your users can have the best of both worlds: the convenience of a hosted solution with the power and full feature set of the desktop version of QuickBooks. You also have an instant Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity plan, because your critical data is protected in our state of the art data center - so you're no longer vulnerable to business interruptions or loss of data resulting from disasters that may affect your office location.

Whether you're a small business with only a few users, or a larger business concerned with mobility, mergers & acquisitions, relocations, and multiple office locations, your world just got simpler, because your users can have access to your data and applications from any location where Internet connectivity is available. And if your business is seasonal, you no longer have to invest in an IT infrastructure that will handle your peak load - you can scale up and down on a month-by-month basis as your business needs change.

Not ready to move to the cloud yet? Call us to virtualize your systems!