An "all-you-can-eat" IT support plan for a fixed monthly fee. Bring some predictability to your IT support costs and avoid unexpected repair bills when something breaks.
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Prepaid & Hourly

Engage with VirtualQube on an hourly basis as needed, or take advantage of a discounted hourly rate by purchasing a pre-paid block of hours.
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IT Projects

Our talented Professional Services team is available for full design and installation projects, or when you need to augment your own staff.
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Network Status & Availability

Find status and updates of VirtualQube's cloud service here, as well as announcements of future maintenance activities.
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VirtualQube IT Support

If you have a critical support issue, you can reach us via our support hotline: (425) 939-2710. You may also submit a service request via email to tickets@VirtualQube.com. This will immediately create a support ticket, and our automated systems will ensure that multiple people are notified of the request. It will help us assign the best resource to your request if you will include in the subject line a brief description of the issue, and, in the body of your message, give us as much information as you can, and an idea of how critical the issue is (e.g., Emergency, Critical, High, Normal, or Low).

Ticket Severity is categorized as follows:
  • Emergency: Your server or network is "down" or there is a critical impact to your business operations. You are requesting an immediate response and authorizing an emergency response fee.
  • Critical: Your server or network is "down" or there is a critical impact to your business operations, and you are requesting the fastest response possible under the terms of your support agreement.
  • High: Operation of an existing server, network, or workstation is severely degraded, or significant aspects of your business are negatively affected by the issue.
  • Normal: Operation or performance of a server, network, or workstation is impaired while most business operations remain functional. VirtualQube will commit resources during normal business hours to restore functionality to satisfactory levels.
  • Low: You require information or assistance with capabilities, installation, or configuration. There is little or no effect on your business operations. (New user implementations would typically fall here.)