VQProtectTM Fixed Fee Support

Wouldn't it be nice to bring some predictability to your annual IT support costs?

To know what it's going to cost you to keep your critical systems running? Our VQProtect plans are designed to give you the level of support you need for an affordable and predictable fixed monthly fee.

VQProtect is intended to be an unlimited IT support plan. We are your IT department. Your workstations and servers are monitored around the clock by our automated systems. If a server fails, a backup doesn't complete, or a critical service stops, we'll probably know about it before you do - and the work effort to fix it is included in your plan. We also have access to state of the art tools to protect your users from unintentional "self-inflicted wounds" while still allowing them the privileges they need to run their applications and do their jobs. Our centrally-managed anti-virus and anti-spyware is constantly kept up to date with no effort on your part.

Your users are entitled to contact us directly for support on Microsoft Operating Systems and day-to-day issues such as printing and email connectivity problems, and we can add 24x7 help desk support and support for common productivity applications if desired. We will even help you manage your relationships with your telecom vendor, your Internet Service Provider, your copier company, and your other technology contractors. If you're tired of being "nickeled and dimed to death" by your current IT support provider, this is the plan for you!

If, on the other hand, you just want another set of eyes watching your systems and making sure that critical patches and updates get applied, then the VQProtect Lite plan may be an option. Under that plan, we make sure your systems are patched and updated, and we monitor them around the clock with our automated systems. If we see something going wrong, we alert you, and you decide whether to fix it yourself, or have us fix it at a discounted hourly rate.

Finally, our VQProtect for Citrix offering is a special plan for larger customers who do have their own in-house IT staff, but need to supplement their own skill set with our Citrix expertise. This plan offers unlimited telephone and remote-access support for a fixed monthly fee, and the use of our monitoring systems if you choose to take advantage of them.

All VQProtect plans begin with a free 53-point inspection of your network and computer systems. Just as you may be required, on a personal level, to have a physical examination before obtaining an insurance policy, we must verify that your computer systems meet certain minimum standards and are in good repair prior to putting you on a VQProtect or VQProtect for Citrix plan. If we identify potential problems, we will discuss the problems and recommended solutions with you. Your coverage cannot begin until a VirtualQube engineer has signed an acceptance document certifying that your systems meet those standards. (We can, of course, put you on a VQProtect Lite plan until the problems are mitigated.)