Citrix Assessment and Audit

Most corporate IT teams who have experience with Citrix technology have built, at most, two or three Citrix environments. The VirtualQube engineering team has been working with Citrix technology since 1994. We've designed, built, and managed literally thousands of Citrix installations. Put our knowledge to use for your organization by having our team review your Citrix environment. Using our robust tools and processes we will:
  • Test your company's production Citrix environment
  • Review and audit the Citrix environment against current industry best practices
  • Identify any current issues with the setup / configuration of the Citrix environment
  • Identify any deviations from best practices
  • (If necessary) Create a prioritized list of areas to address
  • (If necessary) Deliver a letter of approval on your Citrix environment based on our Citrix expertise

Work Timeline

A VirtualQube Citrix Certified Engineer will examine your existing network infrastructure, and compare the current configuration to accepted best practices. The engineer will then prepare an audit document showing what we believe to be deviations from best practices, and a recommended, and prioritized, remediation plan. It is anticipated that this will require one day performing the audit, one day analyzing the findings and gathering additional information, and a full day preparing the report. We can also accommodate weekend requests to diminish any business interruption.

Scope of Analysis

The VirtualQube engineer will analyze the infrastructure, including, but not limited to:

Event Logs
Disk Drive
IDE Controller
Logical Drive
Memory Information
Network Adapter & Configuration
Page File Usage
PNP Devices
SCSI Controller
Video Controller
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