VirtualQube Audit Services

The VirtualQube technical staff includes several experienced engineers who have spent years in enterprise data centers. We know how large enterprises run their IT infrastructures, and, better yet, we know how to "right-size" that knowledge for the small to medium enterprise.

All of our deployments adhere to generally accepted industry best practices. And since we know what a best practice deployment looks like, we can provide an independent analysis of your infrastructure and tell you what, if anything, needs to be changed. At your option, you can engage us to make the recommended changes, or take our written recommendations to the service provider of your choice.

Our areas of expertise include:
  • Microsoft Active Directory
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop infrastructures
  • Citrix XenServer and Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization deployments
  • SAN storage architecture
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity planning
  • Network Security
  • Stratus everRun deployments and certification training
Let us be your enterprise IT team!