VirtualQube and DataCore

DataCore's innovative "storage hypervisor" software can turn any Windows server into an iSCSI SAN node. You'll be surprised by how cost-effective consolidated storage can be, especially when you no longer need to buy and expensive piece of proprietary hardware.

Proprietary solutions can be not only expensive to purchase, but even more expensive to upgrade - leading many to buy a more powerful solution than they really need in order to avoid costly hardware upgrades as their storage needs grow. DataCore's software-based solution runs on powerful, industry-standard Intel servers, so there is no proprietary hardware to purchase or upgrade, and DataCore's capacity-based licensing can be upgraded as required, simply by paying the difference between what you have and what you need.

Storage Always Available Where You Need It

Have you ever noticed that, when your infrastructure isn't virtualized, storage capacity is never where you need it when you need it? One server has plenty of space, while another critical server may have none left and no room for expansion. A Storage Area Network (SAN) allows you to consolidate your storage and provide space to the servers that need it when they need it - whether they are physical servers or virtual servers.

Once you've consolidated storage, it's easier to back up data, replicate it for High Availability, or send a copy off site for Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity protection. And a server or desktop virtualization project of any size is going to need shared storage to realize the full value of features like live motion, thin provisioning, snapshot backups, etc.

SANsymphony-V: A State-of-the-Art Storage Hypervisor

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