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The VirtualQube team has been working with Citrix technology for nearly 20 years. We've built literally thousands of WinFrame, MetaFrame, Presentation, and XenApp Servers. We've been involved with some of the most complex deployments of Citrix Technology ever, for some of the largest organizations in the Northwest. We maintain certifications across the entire Citrix product family. We've put all of that knowledge into the construction of our Cloud hosting infrastructure, and, because we're a Citrix Solution Advisor as well as a Citrix Service Provider, we can also put that knowledge to work helping you build your own Citrix infrastructure. If you're looking for Citrix experts, you've found them!

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As your organization embarks on cloud computing, it becomes essential to manage and assure service levels no matter where applications run - whether in an in-house private cloud, a public SaaS provider's datacenter or in a hybrid environment which extends the enterprise datacenter to a provider's IaaS cloud. Citrix enterprise and cloud networking solutions accelerate, optimize and secure application and service delivery from both the datacenter and the Cloud. The platform combines full delivery functionality with isolation to guarantee service levels for multiple applications and groups.

NetScaler - The World Most Advanced Cloud Network Platform

The datacenter is undergoing a fundamental transformation, with virtualization, cloud, mobility and new delivery services models. Citrix NetScaler with TriScale technology enables this IT transformation and helps customers build next-generation networks.

Citrix NetScaler boosts business productivity by accelerating application performance for all users, while lowering datacenter costs by offloading server functionality and providing security at the application layer with deep visibility for powerful Big Data analytics. Citrix TriScale technology brings cloud-like network scalability and maximizes use of data center resources.

NetScaler is available as high-performance network appliances and software-based virtual appliances. Unlike competitive appliances and chassis-based systems, each NetScaler appliance is capable of running all features simultaneously with no limits.
  • NetScaler MPX appliances are hardened network appliances that offer up to 120 Gbps performance in a single appliance and up to 3 Tbps in a cluster.
  • NetScaler SDX is a high-density consolidation platform combining Xen-based virtualization and NetScaler’s advanced MPX architecture to run up to 80 NetScaler instances simultaneously without sacrificing performance or security.
NetScaler VPX virtual appliances run as virtual machines (VMs) on popular hypervisors allowing NetScaler to be provisioned on demand using inexpensive, industry-standard servers.

Citrix NetScaler data sheet
NetScaler products are easily selected by determining the edition providing functional needs and the appropriate physical or virtual appliance platform to fulfill performance needs. Learn more about the NetScaler product family, including features, platforms, and specifications.
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Citrix NetScaler - a foundation for next generation datacenter security
NetScaler delivers an extensive portfolio of essential datacenter security capabilities and minimizes the need for a large number of expensive, standalone security solutions.
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NetScaler allows enterprise IT leaders take advantage of a wide range of advanced technologies that were previously available only to large public cloud providers. Discover how this single, easy-to-use platform provides: 100 percent application availability, high-speed load balancing and content switching application and database server offload, advanced attack protection application flow visibility, a powerful application firewall - and more.
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Gartner Magic Quadrant Report for Application Delivery Controllers
Citrix positioned in the Leaders Quadrant for Application Delivery Controllers: Gartner Magic Quadrant Report focuses on vendor’s ability to solve complex application deployment challenges. Citrix NetScaler, a single integrated solution brings the elasticity, simplicity and expandability of the cloud to any network.
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TriScale technology delivers unprecedented cloud scalability to your datacenter.
NetScaler with Citrix TriScale technology scales and secures cloud services, achieving 100 percent network utilization. IT teams can build enterprise cloud networks that can scale UP performance 5x, scale OUT capacity by 32x, and scale IN consolidation by running up to 40 appliances in a single platform.
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NetScaler Gateway

Citrix NetScaler Gateway, formerly Access Gateway, is a secure application and data access solution that provides administrators granular application- and data-level control while empowering users with remote access from anywhere. It gives IT administrators a single point to manage access control and limit actions within sessions based on both user identity and the endpoint device, providing better application security, data protection, and compliance management. Citrix offers both physical and virtual NetScaler Gateway appliances, giving administrators ultimate flexibility to choose the deployment option that best meets their organization’s secure access requirements.

Learn how NetScaler Gateway provides the best end-to-end secure access solution for applications, desktops and data delivered by XenDesktop, XenApp and XenMobile, and addresses the requirements of security teams, network architects and server administrators.
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NetScaler Gateway gives you the ability to have secure remote access from anywhere, on any device. Discover details about the NetScaler Gateway product, including features, platforms, and specifications.
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Citrix CloudBridge provides a unified platform that connects and accelerates applications, and optimizes bandwidth utilization across public cloud and private networks. The only WAN optimization solution with integrated, secure, transparent cloud connectivity, CloudBridge allows enterprises to augment their datacenter with the infinite capacity and elastic efficiency provided by public cloud providers. CloudBridge enables IT organizations to accelerate, control and optimize all services - desktops, applications, multimedia and more - for corporate office, branch office and mobile users while dramatically reducing costs.

Improve the virtual desktop experience for branch office and mobile users
Accelerate XenApp, XenDesktop and traditional enterprise applications, and deliver optimized video streaming without straining your enterprise WAN.
Improve the XenDesktop Experience for Branch and Mobile Workers with CloudBridge
Optimizing the video experience for XenApp and XenDesktop deployments with CloudBridge
CloudBridge product overview
As server and desktop application virtualization increase rapidly, IT managers face the challenge of providing these services without a performance penalty on branch and mobile users due to the nature of wide area networks (WANs). Discover how CloudBridge delivers superior application performance across the branch, data center and cloud.
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CloudBridge Data Sheet
Citrix CloudBridge optimizes, accelerates, and controls applications and desktops to all locations: datacenter, branch offices, public and private clouds and mobile users. Discover details about the CloudBridge product family, including features, platforms, and specifications.
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