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Talk to the Moose, ‘cuz we listen.

Welcome to the Moose Logic Blog!  There are many reasons why we launched this forum.  We want to provide information here that will be of value to you in terms of making your businesses better, making your jobs easier, and maybe even making your personal lives more fun and fulfilling.  And we hope that as you participate in the discussion here, you will help us do these things.  But we also hope that, by providing you with another way to communicate with us, you can help us get better at what we do.

Recently we participated in a Customer Satisfaction Survey with Microsoft.  This survey is one of many requirements we must fulfill in order to maintain our Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Status.  (Not that we’re complaining - there is nothing bad about doing a survey and getting feedback from your customers, and we appreciate the money and effort that Microsoft expends to make this available to us.) Being able to hear what people have to say about you is one way – and perhaps the best way - to improve. This particular survey is conducted by a third party and as such we don’t see the individual responses, only the overall averages for each category.

We do highly value the findings and spend numerous hours attempting to understand what these ratings actually mean.  We have been told by the company that produces these surveys that we ranked well above the industry averages in every category. Yet, we are mostly concerned with are the items we didn’t score 100% in.   So what this tells us is that we are better than average but we are not the best - and we are not satisfied with doing a “pretty good” job overall; frankly there is room for improvement.

Here are some of our key takeaways from this survey:

  1. Quality of products – We pride ourselves in specializing in the absolute best technology products available, yet this is one of our lowest scores, are there recommendations on additional products we should offer?
  2. Quality of Support – We know we had some struggles last year and some of this has been addressed.  Our score of course is reflective of these issues and we look forward to the next survey to see if our number in this area improves.
  3. Our lowest score was “Value Received.” We find this a concern as one could argue that this is the most critical metric we can measure.  Our most important concern is that our clients receive tremendous value from working with us, so what do we need to do to improve on the “Value” you receive from working with us?  Okay, I know one could argue that if we worked for free that might improve our “Value” but of course we all understand that if we are not able to maintain a viable business then; 1) We won’t be here for long and 2) the quality of our work would not be up to acceptable levels.
  4. 3 categories with 100% - Wow! I can’t thank everyone enough. To have many people take the survey and still come out with 100% is amazing. Funny that the other categories are not 100%, including “value received,” but you’d still buy from us again, recommend us to others, and rate “satisfaction” at 100%. The only conclusions I can come to is that our clients are happy and loyal and for that, thank you all.

Despite our best efforts this year to provide the best experience when buying, requesting support, or offering quality products, we see that we still have lots of room for improvement, and we need your feedback to help us improve. We hope that the Moose Logic Blog will give us another feedback channel – one that is more immediate than an annual survey. Please let us know how we can do better.

Finally, THANK YOU to all who participated, and thanks to everyone that has helped Moose Logic get to where it is today.  Please know that we welcome your input and will listen and learn from you.