VirtualQube and Aviation

VirtualQube has deep roots in the Aviation industry, having built the technology foundations for many parts of airlines and large, international airports. Our engineers have helped solve virtualization challenges and application management issues, and have developed team-based processes to insure It service levels are achieved, even when settling-in a new technology.

In many of the nation's largest airports, we have deployed - and, in some cases, optimized - industry-leading technology to bring "five nines" (99.999%) of uptime to the mission-critical systems that are required to support today's 24x7 traveling world. We've even trained the IT staff of airlines and airports so they will know how to keep the systems running, no matter what time of day and no matter what business need is presented.

Our experience can be leveraged across the value chain, including systems that support:
  • E-Commerce & Distribution - Reservation management, inventory management, flight management, payment gateway
  • CRM - Sales, loyalty programs, customer profiles, partnership management, marketing, analytics, mobile communications, alerts, personalization
  • Revenue Management - O&D, product mix analysis, route optimization
  • Cargo & Freight Management - RFID (active and passive), booking engines, order management, load planning, routing
  • Operations - Mass & balance, airport security, gate scheduling, crew scheduling, fleet scheduling
  • Human Resource Management - Agent training, safety training, flight, route, & yield training
  • Core Applications - Revenue accounting, business intelligence, SMART
Whether you need systems to support route decisioning, enable improved target/cross marketing, manage in-flight customer experience, or observe union work hour rules, you need a system that is there when you need it. We are the trusted source for technology support across the aviation industry. Feel safe flying to see us, because we designed and built the systems that support the most critical applications right here in Seattle - and we use it all the time!