The Business Owners Essential Guide to IT
and All Things Digital

22 Critical facts every business must know to maximize their company's efficiency, security, employee productivity, and profits

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For the past 60 years, the Digital World has been steadily infiltrating our lives. Like all epic changes, digital progress has touched us all. For those following the progress of the Information Age, the Digital World has moved us to a higher level of specialization and efficiency, while simultaneously allowing us a laser-like focus on our activities.

The deployment and support of Information Technology in the business world is spearheaded by specialists in computer systems and their application. We highlight the CelebrityExperts® in this book who so diligently contribute to this process. These entrepreneurs develop and adapt computer systems to better organize and run our businesses. They have competed in the marketplace and achieved the success of surviving and thriving in the Digital Era that we enjoy - truly a feat in the competitive world of today.

You too can readily benefit from these CelebrityExperts®. These authors share their experiences to help you develop your business and avoid the errors they have made along the way. If you wish to succeed, it is far better to be guided by those that have made a successful trip rather than follow the advice of someone who has only read the map.

It is in this spirit that VirtualQube President & CEO Scott Gorcester and the co-authors present their successful experiences in The Business Owners Essential Guide to Information Technology. They will assist you in gaining a competitive edge in your business environment.